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General Information

Available on:PCMar 9, 2018

Developer: Velaris Studio

Genre: Action

GET READY TO SAVE THE SOLAR SYSTEM! NickProject is an adventure in which you`ll put a place in order in one of the dictant Solar systems. This game transfers you in the universe,where you`ll bring role of doctor Nick Johnson.He is a excentrie alien traveler with a great mind.His main aim is to right in justice travelling in time and space. Now,Doctor Nick Johnson is the last survivor of his nation.Native planet was destroyed during the Great War of Universes. With the help of portal Nick got in the Solar system U-248xK,where is happening unimaginable chaos.Your goal is to repair the generators of the protective field Xamo-95,which prevents incursions og the enemy hordes into planets with the help of using all the available of high-tech devices and intelligence.

NickProject Critic Reviews

There's not much to NickProject. The lack of effort that went into everything from the gameplay to the graphics is blatantly apparent, making it an easy pass for even the most diehard fan of top-down shooters.

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