Null Vector

Optical Override
May 3, 2018 - PC
Hardcore Gamer
4 / 5
Gamers Heroes
7 / 10
Geeks Under Grace
7 / 10
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Null Vector Release Trailer

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Null Vector Announcement Trailer

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Null Vector Early Access Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Null Vector

Null Vector successfully takes two distinct genres and blends them together in such a way that they feel like perfect compliments to one another.

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Null Vector takes two great things and combines them to make something even better. Its short length and lack of variables somewhat take away from this title, but those who don't mind repeatedly playing through similar scenarios for the perfect run will enjoy the roguelike elements in play here.

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If Null Vector's purpose is to appeal to those who hold nostalgia in high regard, then I would consider this retro shooter a positive outcome.

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