Adventure of a Lifetime

Apr 26, 2018 - PC
7 / 10
6 / 10
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Adventure of a Lifetime Media

Critic Reviews for Adventure of a Lifetime

What Adventure of a Lifetime lacks in excitement, it makes up for in a well-paced plot framed through a rather introspective lens. Hiroki isn't a particularly engaging protagonist, but he's not so bland as to detract from the story or lacks in an arc, and both Chisa and Emily, the visual novel's co-leads, feature plenty of characterisation to move the story along. Where Adventure of a Lifetime really shines, however, is in its sound design. The entire read is scored by a nautical sound that genuinely brings the Ogasawara Islands to life. Adventure of a Lifetime could have done with a tighter script, but it nonetheless makes for a solid, if a bit light, read with just enough to take away.

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The story may be average and the game may have some blurry art, but the setting and game length make up for these faults. It is a nice little love story that is great to experience in the moment.

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