Jul 17, 2018 - PC
7 / 10
Killa Penguin
7 / 10
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Trago Media

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Critic Reviews for Trago

Trago is very effective, if a little short. I found myself playing and replaying it for 70 minutes straight before I even began to consider giving it a break, which shows that it's just as addictive as the excessive drinking it portrays.

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Developed by Brazilian developer SpaceGiraff3 and possessing many of the dialogue quirks that tend to pop up when Brazilian Portuguese is translated into English, TRAGO is a flawed gem that has one foot firmly planted in reality while the rest of the body is drunk in some parallel reality lacking any of the same rules of causality and chronology. It’s a magically psychotic game with a tone unlike anything I’ve ever played, and while it’s relatively short (even with a ton of experimentation, it lasted me a little over three hours), it’s an inexpensive slice of madness perfect for when you’re burned out on more “normal” games.

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