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General Information

Available on:PCJul 25, 2018

Developer: Chainsaw Games

Publisher: TheGameWall Studios

Genres: Horror, Action

In 2020, a menacing conflict occurred between the nations around the world, so every politician was thinking about Biological warfare. The first country equipped with the bio-weapons, initiated World War III by release of a biological virus throughout the world. High-scale apocalypse with a gigantic number of casualties was the devastating result of this war. In this apocalypse, you as a zombie killer are survived to live long enough to see the future of human race. Human race is under extinction due to a virus called z0k0. Z0K0 kills people after some times, and then transforms the people’s corpse to a zombie. Zombie is a walking corpse without any role of consciousness in it, and this thing is strongly interested in eating the flesh and drinking the blood. The blood of other living things like human… like you. So, survive… To survive, kill them all…


With a simple, easy-to-understand gameplay premise and a progression system that was pretty much designed to support microtransactions, I can see why ZKILLER would be an appealing mobile game. As a fully fledged PC title though, even its current $6.99 listing is too big a price to pay for a game that offers little in the way of substance and nothing in the way of compelling gameplay.

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ZKILLER | Launch Trailer

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