Aug 31, 2017 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
6 / 10
7 / 10
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BlobCat Trailers

BlobCat for Nintendo Switch - Release Date Trailer thumbnail

BlobCat for Nintendo Switch - Release Date Trailer

BlobCat Steam Trailer | Release 31.August thumbnail

BlobCat Steam Trailer | Release 31.August

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Critic Reviews for BlobCat

BlobCat strongly models itself after one of the best games to hit the Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance, and since there isn't really anything else like it out there, anyone willing to squint their eyes might be able to scratch that ChuChu Rocket! itch a little here. A wide-eyed look shows an overall rough package, though — from functional-if-unremarkable visuals to a lack of CPU opponents in the multiplayer suite, all the way down to bizarre inconsistencies with how menus work. BlobCat is here for you if you need it, but doesn't quite reach the level of the genuine article.

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While BlobCat on Switch does capture the essence of Chu Chu Rocket's cat-and-mouse gameplay, it doesn't do quite enough to replace the original in my heart. It's worth grabbing for on the go, but I'll be here hoping the original pops up again.

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