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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneFeb 23, 2018
PCFeb 13, 2017
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020

Developer: Fumiko Game Studio

Genre: Adventure

Inspired by Serial Experiments Lain, this game takes you on a surreal trip through a twisted virtual network. Uncover the secrets this world tries to hide from you: an artificial intelligence named "Fumiko"! Fumiko! combines rewarding exploration with a new approach to 3D platforming. You'll quickly be unbound from gravity. No jump will be too short. Fumiko! is a sci-fi thriller that wants to be explored thoroughly. In a single playthrough, lasting about 6-10 hours, you'll encounter: 16 handcrafted and unique levels giving you a challenge, 14 social areas to explore ranging from small player homes to big public spaces Enemy A.I.s seeking your destruction while you escape from the testing lab, unique abilities to bypass them Fumiko overwriting her jump modules to gain ridiculous jump height, speeding through the air with the dash module Collect 26 memory fragments to uncover the mystery behind the network Supports the Xbox, Xbox360 and Steam Controller in addition to keyboard & mouse controls

Fumiko! Critic Reviews

For every step forward Fumiko! makes, it takes two steps back - and makes the floor transparent.

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Fumiko! - Official Trailer June 2017 thumbnail

Fumiko! - Official Trailer June 2017

Fumiko! | Release Trailer | Short Trailer thumbnail

Fumiko! | Release Trailer | Short Trailer

Fumiko The Game - Exploration Trailer thumbnail

Fumiko The Game - Exploration Trailer


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