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Available on:Nintendo SwitchOct 11, 2018


You take the role of a new employee in a real estate agency. "Madorica Real Estate" is the only real estate agency providing houses which are not haunted and safe to stay in. President Madorica ordered you to exorcise the evil spirits found in houses in order to make them sellable. The hints of how to beat the evil spirits have been hidden in those inhabiting each property, as well as in the mysterious floor plans given to you by President Madorica. Each house in Madorica Real Estate comes with a corresponding floor plan that you can print out and study. Make notes on these plans and figure out the correct magic spell for the property you are in. You may need to cut or fold these plans to solve a house's riddle! Figure out the hints, solve each house's riddle on pen & paper and uncover the magic spell needed to beat the evil spirits! There are twenty stages in total, each of them have their own various features and traits. Challenge the riddle and enjoy the visual look of each room!

Madorica Real Estate Critic Reviews

In every scenario, logic is what helps to bring you closer to the next mission. Every puzzle becomes harsher and forces you to figure out more on your own. It might be unrelenting for the average player, but puzzle lovers will absolutely get a kick out of it.

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