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The Dark Occult

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 25, 2018

Developer: RYM Games

Genre: Action

The Dark Occult is a psychological driven horror game that puts players in a constant state of anxiety that crescendos into raw panic and terror. The game takes place in a decaying manor with demonic entities and strong ties to the occult. You will encounter grotesque creatures, who will take your life at any moment. Your only goal -- survive. In The Dark Occult, players will enter the game exploring a seemingly abandoned house that is consumed with demonic activity. Players are sent to the Atkinson House to investigate unusual happenings surrounding the death of the owner. Upon entering the house, players discover that they are unable to leave and are haunted by an incessant demonic woman who stalks them with murderous intent. Demonic artifacts must be destroyed in order to survive. Players must be hyper-aware of every move, twist and turn, as the woman is always lurking. The Dark Occult fully immerses players in an environment filled with anxiety, panic, and real consequences that scar.

The Dark Occult Critic Reviews

Psychological driven horror with new name is still fearful and still full of bugs and graphical issues.

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Rym Games has created a solid horror title for its debut. It’s perhaps a bit too safe and lacking in innovation towards the end, but one thing is for sure, it never gets boring being hounded by an angry demonic entity.

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