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General Information

Available on:PCNov 19, 2018

Developer: Hiqosoft

Publisher: Sol Press

Genre: Interactive Story

Sakura Sakura is a romantic comedy about two overbearing Sakuras and their light-hearted love triangle. Follow the story of Tohru Inaba as he attempts to navigate the complicated see-saw of love. THE DORM GUARDIAN VS. THE SCHOOL GUARDIAN Tohru Inaba has always dreamed of living a co-ed life. That’s why, when he finally managed to transfer into the renowned Rintoku Academy, he immediately fell head over heels for two Sakuras! Nanako Sakura’s classes are strict, but at home, she turns into an overbearing mother. Sakura Kirishima may seem cold and unfriendly, but she is always ready to lend a helping hand as the class representative. These two girls are outwardly indifferent to Tohru, but put the three of them together and sparks begin to fly. In the sakura-colored season of spring, two fussy Sakuras have been caught in a light-hearted love triangle. THE INTERNET FRIEND VS. THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND "You know how romance games always give the main character that best friend who tells him about the girls? I want to be that guy." Naoki Fuse, the self-proclaimed best friend, is always ready to tease Tohru about his situation with the two Sakuras. But, unbeknownst to him, he is one side of yet another light-hearted love triangle. Akira Nitta has been Naoki's friend since before they could read and write, and is now finally living under the same (dorm) roof as him. Kurumi Tachibana used to be Naoki's MMO raiding partner, but they were separated before she ever got a chance to meet him in real life or tell him how she felt. "I understand him better than anyone else." Akira and Kurumi have Naoki stumped for the first time in his life. And so, Tohru finally gets a chance to see things from the other side. The curtains rise on this desolate showdown for love. Step into the shoes of two different protagonists each with their own love triangles. A romantic visual novel featuring a Japanese voice cast. Relive touching and hilarious CG scenes with the CG Gallery feature. Listen to your favorite tunes from the game in the Music Gallery. Some additional tips: Akira's birthday is November 23rd! Moe isn't the most popular girl in school. Nanako has no experience with love. Sakura and Tohru don't get off to the most positive of starts.

Sakura Sakura Critic Reviews

Sakura Sakura is the kind of game to play when you're not in the mood for anything serious.

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I had a good time with Sakura Sakura. The writing is fantastic, and I caught myself laughing out loud many times while playing this one. It does drag on a bit, especially in the beginning, but so long as you aren’t looking for a super serious story I think most will give it a pass on that. You get 30+ hours of gameplay here for $34.99, so if your jam is a very funny romantic comedy with some amazing girls, this is must-buy title.

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Sakura Sakura offers fun comedy and a few touching moments but is a derivative and uneven experience. The protagonists are uninspired, some heroines don’t have much depth, and the impact of the big moments is hit or miss. It might be worth playing, particularly if you like harem anime since the game draws on those tropes. Given the $34.99 price tag, I’d wait for it to go on sale though.

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