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Game Information

Available on:PCDec 10, 2018

Developer: Abdullah Firat

Genre: Puzzle

Hexanome is a turn-based puzzle game. It's a sequel to the previous game Hexa Turn. This time you play as a triangle and AI tries to stop you.

Pick your next move carefully in order to collect all squares and outsmart the AI.

Hexanome contains 76 fresh and challenging puzzles.

Can you outsmart the AI again?


Clever puzzle experience

Carefully crafted 76 unique levels

Beautifully designed minimalist visuals

Calming music and sound effects
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Hexanome - Trailer

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Gamers Heroes

6 / 10
Casey Scheld

Hexanome is a minimalistic puzzler that skews on the side of obtuse. Throwing players to the wolves without much direction is a bold move, one that will make or break this game for a number of people.

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