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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 11, 2019

Developer: Game Soup LLC

Genre: Arcade

Master a collection of 46 challenging minigames, including parodies of famous games! Each game lasts just seconds, so act fast! Conquer a unique set of randomly-chosen minigames in each run! The farther you get in a run, the faster the gameplay (up to and including "ludicrously fast")! Unlock faster, more difficult game modes, including an endless mode! Here are just some of the trials you'll face: Run to the right at supersonic speed! (blast processing optional) Enter a stranger's home and destroy their priceless pottery! Defend against waves of zombies invading your garden! Woo your waifu in the world's shortest dating visual novel! Use a ball to capture a wild monster pal that fits on your pocket! Reload your shotgun before a demon brings about your DOOM! Don your best plumbing attire and jump, man!

Game Soup Critic Reviews

The excitement of being able to play what is effectively a WarioWare game on the PC, quickly dissipates after realising that, despite being a recent release, Game Soup is actually inferior compared to its inspiration, with a severe lack of variety, and a couple of - easily fixable - rough edges here and there. A free addition of more mini-games, plus a little bit of fine-tuning, would certainly help this become much better.

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