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Another Sight - Hodge's Journey

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 14, 2018

Developer: Lunar Great Wall Studios

Publisher: Fish Eagle

Genres: Action, Adventure

Take control of Hodge the cat in a brand new, stand-alone prequel story in Another Sight - Hodge's Journey. This new stand-alone adventure puts players in the paws of Hodge as he journeys to rendezvous with Kit at the start of their adventure. Tackle new platforming challenges using Hodge's nimble feline skills to solve puzzles as you uncovers new mysteries about Hodge as he travels between the world of dreams and the world of the real. GAME FEATURES A New Perspective - Discover what leads Hodge to discover Kit at the start of her own adventure in Another Sight and the events that happened just before Kit loses her sight. Stand-Alone - Enjoy the prelude to Another Sight in this new stand-alone adventure that you can even play without the main game. Pure Feline 'Cation' - Enjoy a new short adventure where you are placed in the paws of only Hodge the cat! Climb, jump, meow and purr your way through a new mysterious story.

Another Sight - Hodge's Journey Critic Reviews

I'd recommend giving Another Sight - Hodge's Cat a go if you're at all interested in Another Sight, purely on the game's aesthetics - in this case, it would definitely be worth 20 minutes of your time. Meanwhile, wishing Team Lunar the best of luck in the future, I'll be sticking Another Sight on the ‘maybe I'll play this someday' list.

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Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey drops the ball when it comes to both its level design and its platforming mechanics. Though it is short, it proves to be far too frustrating in the long term to get invested in.

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