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Available on:Xbox OneNov 30, 2018
PCNov 29, 2018

Developer: Alberto Santiago

Publisher: Studio Canvas

Genre: Action

GoatPunks is a multiplayer action game pitting your goat against other players in a battle to become king of the mountain. Fight through an onslaught of bombs, obstacles and each other to climb to the top of 9 uniquely themed mountains each offering distinct challenges. Once up there, stay on top of the competition for 30 hectic seconds to claim victory.

GoatPunks supports up to 4 players in head-to-headbutt, split-screen, action. Grab your controllers or keyboard and get ready to roll. Shields, weapons, and power-ups are scattered about the mountain, and if you manage to get your goat to make it up the top, all the other goats will have a common enemy: you!


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GoatPunks XBoxOne Trailer ESRB thumbnail

GoatPunks XBoxOne Trailer ESRB

GoatPunks Trailer thumbnail

GoatPunks Trailer

GoatPunks Trailer thumbnail

GoatPunks Trailer


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Gamers Heroes

3 / 10
Casey Scheld

GoatPunks is an incomplete game. Not only is most of the game left unfinished, there is zero balance in the one mode that it does offer.

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