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General Information

Available on:PCMar 12, 2018

Developer: Roman Glebenkov

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

WELCOME TO YOUR OWN GAME DEV STUDIO! How will you run your own offices and ascend to greatness in the gaming industry? FEATURES: Non-linear progression. Fill the empty spaces in your office with any objects you wish, and when you run out of space, buy a new building to continue expanding! Find the best employees for your studio. Employees have their skills, attributes, traits, interests, and knowledge on topics. Create multiple teams, work on multiple game projects at once, or reach for the stars by focusing all your workpower on one game. Just don't forget that you won't get to keep your employees forever. Rev up those engines. Make game engines, update them with new tech, and revamp them when the code gets too messy! Make awesome games. Employees? Check. Game engine? Check. Now it's time to make great games! Hype it up! Advertise your games through a multitude of ways: invite reviewers for an interview, start a mass advertisement campaign, contact online personalities to create early playthrough videos of your game, hire agencies to shill your game online, and even bribe reviewers! Show your rivals who's boss of this industry. Your rivals are on the lookout for talented developers just like you are, so get ready to fight off their attempts to lure your employees away with higher salaries. Give them a taste of their own medicine and buy them out when they go under! Sway the odds of platform manufacturers. Games you release influence the fate of platform manufacturers for which they're made. Good games will make a platform more attractive to gamers and change its market share for the better. Never a dull moment. Story mode, four extra campaigns, a freeplay mode, and the ability to randomize various aspects of the game at the beginning of a playthrough make for greater replayability.

Game Dev Studio Critic Reviews

It's a great achievement for a lone developer, but the choice of genre means that there are bigger games that do it better from larger companies. I can't say that you should rush out and buy it, but if you don't already have one of its competitors and want to help out a fledgling indie developer then it's worth a look.

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