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General Information

Available on:PCMar 29, 2019

Developer: Endless Shirafu

Publisher: Fruitbat Factory

Genre: Action

∀kashicforce is a puzzle-game-like, rhythm-game-like game where you input commands to use moves like in a fighting game. The goal is to crush your opponent to a pulp with an immense amount of blocks. In order to put yourself in a better position, kill your opponent's blocks while they are falling down or send Hindrance blocks into their field. FEATURES A unique mix of different game genres 6 playable characters Local split-screen multiplayer English and Japanese language support

Akashicforce Critic Reviews

Akashicforce is an incredibly challenging puzzle game that feels rewarding when you succeed. The bumping music, fantastical visuals, and fast-paced action keep you engaged. A tutorial would've helped the start of the game immensely.

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∀kashicforce - Inundation of Brigades Official Steam Trailer thumbnail

∀kashicforce - Inundation of Brigades Official Steam Trailer

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