Once Upon A Crime In The West

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Game Information

Available on:PCMay 14, 2019

Developer: National Insecurities

Publisher: Humble Publishing

Genre: Adventure

Somewhere in the Old West, there lies a cabin full of corpses. If you had arrived moments sooner, you might have been one of them. It all started on Christmas Day, when The Old Sheriff of New Town was murdered. In the days that followed, several dangerous strangers would make their way to the Mount Inn, an isolated shelter on the mountain path between New Town and Old Town, and kill each other.

Now it’s down to you to untangle their motives and piece together the bigger picture from the gruesome aftermath.

Once Upon A Crime In The West is the highly anticipated third murder mystery game by National Insecurities, creators of the acclaimed Disorient on the Murder Express and 2000:1: A Space Felony.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

It feels a bit eager at times, a UI that is maybe too minimal and trusting. If your scrolling comes to rest on one of these days for even a short while, it’ll launch right into that day. There’s no clicking to confirm. But you eventually get used to this, discerning the day by the drum beats that accompany each drag of the mouse wheel.

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