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Ancestor Legacy: Saladin's Conquests

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 21, 2019

Developers: Destructive Creations, FDG Entertainment

Publisher: 1C Company

Genre: Strategy

Take command of Saracen warriors in a brand-new single player campaign that will take you far from the battlefields of Europe. Follow another path of history and help Saladin protect his desert lands against the Crusaders. Unique new units will help you crush your enemies in 5 story-based missions and on 3 new maps for multiplayer and skirmish mode. In the ‘Saladin’s Conquest’ campaign, players will experience the story of the greatest Sultan of Egypt and Syria, the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty – Salah ad-Din, who crossed the border to the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187 with the largest army he had ever commanded. As Saladin, with his prominent generals Gökböri and Abdullah, players will have the opportunity to defeat the great army of the Kingdom of Jerusalem at the Horns of Hattin. Conquer the most essential strongholds of the Levant and take part in the siege of Jerusalem. FEATURES: New playable nation, for campaign, skirmish, and multiplayer – Saracens New single player campaign with five missions and over 6 hours of playtime 3 new multiplayer maps New and unique units: Hassassins – four-man melee squads with the unique ability of Camouflage. Using camouflage makes them invisible to the enemy until they get really close. Their second unique skill is Explosive Traps. After placing a trap down, it will explode after 10 seconds, damaging both buildings and men, whether friendly or not. Grenadiers – ranged four-man squad, their unique ability is firing explosive missiles that are super effective against buildings and very effective against large groups of enemies. To balance that out, they’re quite vulnerable to melee damage... Scorpion – the Saracens’ equivalent to the ballista, which has a new model and different stats.

Ancestor Legacy: Saladin's Conquests Critic Reviews

The new units, setting, and the story makes for a nice little package that feels fairly priced. If you liked Ancestors Legacy and just wanted a reason to go back to the title, then Saladin’s Conquest is about as good a reason as any.

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