BattleTech Urban Warfare

Harebrained Schemes, Paradox Interactive
Jun 4, 2019 - PC

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85 / 100
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7 / 10
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BATTLETECH: Urban Warfare | Release Trailer

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BATTLETECH: Urban Warfare | Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for BattleTech Urban Warfare

Tremendous improvements to the core gameplay loop provide new reasons to use light mechs and jump jets. The new biome creates new fighting corridors and new mechs create a way to make those hallways dangerous. While it doesn't bring much new outside of combat, this is a must-have and a reason to revisit the BattleTech universe.

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Urban Warfare brings dynamic changes to the battlefield unlike anything before it. Those changes are surprising, challenging, and push the exploding, collapsing city in new directions. The graphics engine groans under the weight of urbanization. But the city is bright and beautiful.

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A solid if slightly disappointing offering, bringing fun and engaging urban conflict to the strategic landscape of the Inner Sphere. New mechs, enemy vehicles, missions and equipment round out the additions, for committed fans it's pretty much essential.

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Chalgyr's Game Room

Susan N.
9 / 10.0
Chalgyr's Game Room

Overall, I think Urban Warfare has included some excellent features, a challenging mission type, and new mechs to satisfy fans of BattleTech. Even though each mission I played ended in a pathetic defeat, I had a great time playing in the new biome and with the new mechs – specifically the Raven.

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Gorgeous yet unoptimized, BattleTech: Urban Warfare's futuristic cityscapes challenge players to approach combat differently.

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