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Bullet Battle: Evolution

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 10, 2019

Publisher: TROOOZE

Team up with friends (or even your enemies!), strategize and defeat your foes in this top-tier multiplayer TPS. With graphics this good, you'd swear you were really there. The scent of gunpowder is in the air! With two weapons and a handful of grenades by your side, this shooter is sure to put your skills to the ultimate test. A single pixel can make the difference between victory and defeat. Play with anyone, anywhere, at any time in these exciting game modes! - Fight for all you're worth and SURVIVE until the very end - Form a team of 4 and CAPTURE as much territory as you can - Take part in thrilling 4v4 DEATHMATCHES Enjoy everything you've come to expect of multiplayer FPS/TPS games, and more! - Battle in stunningly beautiful environments - Use close-quarter combat techniques in exhilarating encounters with enemies - Heal allies as a medic - Defeat enemies to rise in rank - Revel in the joy of unlocking new equipment and techniques From amazing graphics to an array of deadly combat techniques and weapons, this gorgeous team-based TPS is sure to tickle the fancy of any military shooter fan! So get your friends together and experience the thrill of the battlefield for yourself!

Bullet Battle: Evolution Critic Reviews

Bullet Battle: Evolution does not bode well for the future of online shooters on Switch. With it looking increasingly unlikely Call of Duty will ever return to Nintendo hardware, it falls to other studios to fill that gap. Unfortunately, undercooked messes like this one don’t help the cause. A free-to-play shooter that’s riddled with disabled microtransactions that bottleneck progress, this is a clunky effort that’s in dire need of some proper optimisation and a complete overhaul of its progression systems and balancing.

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