Radiation City

Atypical Games
Jun 13, 2019 - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
2 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
0.5 / 5
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Radiation City - Nintendo Switch Trailer thumbnail

Radiation City - Nintendo Switch Trailer

Radiation City Trailer thumbnail

Radiation City Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Radiation City

Radiation City is shovelware, to put it bluntly. Within the entirety of its (admittedly large) open world, there isn't a single original idea to be found. The ideas it copies from its contemporaries aren't well implemented either. If you're looking for an enjoyable open-world zombie game, look somewhere else. If you just want a thrilling undead experience, check out Resident Evil.

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When Radiation City appeared on the eShop list of titles ‘Coming Soon’, I was excited. The original mobile port release by Atypical Games, Radiation Island, was one that I spent considerable time with during my early days playing the Nintendo Switch. While it was not without its fault, it offered an open-world experience with simple-to-play game mechanics and a crafting system I quite enjoyed. Fast forward then to my first, and last, hour playing Radiation City, and my thoughts on a promising game experience with bags of potential had diminished from excitement to utter, utter disappointment.

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