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Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 21, 2019

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.

Genres: Arcade, Platformer

Jump faster and learn new sequences to discover the way forward. But it's not gonna be easy, since each level is harder than the previous one and SCRAP keeps getting faster. You're lucky though, because there are clues and power-ups scattered around to help you. All of this is complemented by a polished graphic design and great soundtrack.

In short, SCRAP is:

- 30 (plus 3 bonus) carefully designed levels in 3 unique worlds. 11 additional levels and a completely new world coming soon - free.
- Intuitive controls.
- Yup, you can play SCRAP using only one hand. One. Hand.
- Polished graphics. You're gonna rate it yourself, anyways
- Equally great soundtrack. You're gonna rate this, too.
- No microtransactions or any of that stuff. NONE.
- Gorgeous wallpapers to discover, created by Polish artists!
- We've thrown in some making-of sketches as a bonus.

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SCRAP - Switch Trailer

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Video Chums

Video Chums

Indie games that don't do enough with already established formulas are disappointing and unfortunately, Scrap is one such game.

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Screen Rant

Screen Rant

Scrap offers respectable auto-running fun but its barebones package and short length hold it back from being anything but forgettable.

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