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Summer Catchers

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Game Information

Available on:PCJul 16, 2019

Developer: FaceIT

Publisher: Noodlecake Studios Inc.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Racing

It is time to embark on an epic road trip adventure of a lifetime in Summer Catchers, a unique arcade game that mixes racing, story, rhythm and puzzle elements all into one.

Take control of Chu, a young girl who lives in the frozen north and has never seen summer, the ocean or anything but the snowy forest. With her trusty wooden car you must travel to distant lands full of mystery and strange creatures who ready to both help, and stop you from completing your quest of finally seeing summer.

The journey won't be easy though. On your way through shadowy forests, dark swamps, vast valleys and underground cities you will encounter obstacles and larger than life situations you will need your trusty travel bag to help overcome. By equipping the right tools at the right time, you can work your way through these uncharted lands and just like in real life, find a few friends and secrets along the way.

Key Features:
- Uncover all the mysteries and events of this beautiful pixel art world
- Unlock unique abilities and upgrade your car to ride in style
- Replay the game to discover all hidden corners the fast traveller might have missed

We couldn't be more excited to finally share with you the whimsical tale of Summer Catchers. The FaceIT team has put together something really special and that shows when it was Greenlit in less than 3 weeks!
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Summer Catchers - KFGShowcase e3 Trailer

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There are definitely elements of Summer Catchers that work. The visuals are astounding, the music is brilliant and, when you get lucky, there’s some solidly fun endless runner gameplay to be had. However, its strange focus on luck over skill means every element suffers, the fun level design never given the chance to shine as it should. In the end, Summer Catchers feels so insistent on being deeper than a simple runner that it ends up stumbling at every hurdle instead.

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Worth your time
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Rectify Gaming

8 / 10.0
Rectify Gaming

A road trip endless runner with charming atmosphere, music, and characters that only misses out on a higher score due to some repetitive gameplay and lack of replayability.

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Killa Penguin

Jake Arias

All of these elements are familiar enough on their own, but coalesce into something that feels entirely new, and there’s a kind of underlying artistry intrinsic to the design that becomes increasingly evident the further you play. That having been said, I feel nothing but contempt for the underlying gameplay.

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