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Pirates of First Star

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 27, 2019

Developer: Dynamic Voltage Games

Genre: Arcade

The king is broke! What a sad day. That's okay, though. He has concocted a plan to send his youngest son Zach off to search for a treasure that can save the kingdom from bankruptcy. With the help (or hindrance) of a cast of bizarre (and usually obnoxious) characters, Zach sets off on a quest to find the legendary "First Star" treasure - which may or may not exist, depending on who you ask. Zach's burden doesn't end with finding the treasure, however. His half-brother, the corrupt Mayor Goldsteen, has decided he's going to put Zach to work growing and selling fruit to pay his sick mother's back rent. Fortunately, in this twisted world, sometimes diamonds grow on vines, and Zach can use those to upgrade his abilities. Pirates of First Star is a puzzle adventure game where you'll have to explore and battle the locals to solve the mystery of the First Star treasure. It's an old school style adventure where exploration and discovery rule the day. It's a relaxing game meant to be played at your pace. You can hunt for treasure, do gardening, gamble on the unique card game 'Outright', battle the locals, or dig deeper into the history of the First Star treasure - and maybe even find it (again, if it exists). Pirates of First Star has a unique visual style that's a mix of claymation and 3D models. After release, there are 12 weeks of completely free content planned - some of which will come on a daily basis! The content will continue to expand on the world and its lore.

Pirates of First Star Critic Reviews

With great dialogue, gorgeous artistic flair and plenty of engrossing gameplay, this puzzle game from Dynamic Voltage Games is a treat from start to finish.

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All Pirates of First Star had to do was end before its gameplay wore out its welcome. Instead, its second half sees numerous difficulty spike enemies who compelled me to switch to the easy difficulty in order to lessen the grind required to beat them, and even then, one or two fights still required a ton of grinding. Beating an enemy is no guarantee that they’re actually beaten, either, as I’ve had fights that simply refuse to allow victory, either freezing on the victory menu or outright crashing.

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