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Rogue Singularity

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 15, 2019
Nintendo SwitchAug 15, 2019

Developers: Nnooo Pty Ltd., Considerable Content

Rogue Singularity is a high-speed infinite obstacle course inspired the classic 3D platformers of the 1990s. A wandering black hole – a rogue singularity, in fact – has crashed into your star system, turning countless worlds into floating debris. You control a plucky little robot, traversing the remnants of these worlds while dodging hazards, escaping hostile creatures, and solving devious puzzles. Every level is procedurally generated, so you will never play the same game twice. Customize your robot hero and prepare for a challenge Rogue Singularity takes players back to the golden age of third-person precision platformers, ideal for speedrunning. Your first job is simply to survive. Each level is packed with hazards, and simply getting from one end to the other with your robot in one piece will be a challenge. As your skills grow, you will be challenged not not only survive, but to reach the end of the level in the fastest possible time. Tackle a level that has been shared through the online community, and you will even be able to race against the ghost of the fastest player. No level will be the same twice. Each location in Rogue Singularity is procedurally generated for ­infinite replayability, but any level you successfully complete is shared with the rest of the community. Master the level, share it, and you’ll set the pace for others to strive for as they jostle for the #1 spot on the leaderboard. There are also weekly challenges which allow you only one chance to make it to the end safely and get your time on the leaderboard. Will you be the fastest survivor? FEATURES: Precision platforming! Surviving this 3D world requires reflexes and precision. An infinite galaxy! Every level of every playthrough is a unique procedurally-made experience. Challenge the world! Share your completed levels with the world and engage in weekly challenges. Tight controls! The game’s controls have been precision engineered to be ultra-responsive. A bizarre universe! Robot monkeys, giant bees, mechanical sharks and more will keep you on your toes. Build that ‘bot! Customize your robot with hundreds of pieces that can be recombined in millions of ways. Tap those toes! Enjoy the hybrid chiptune-electronica soundtrack by Derris Kharlan (Time Surfer).

Rogue Singularity Critic Reviews

Rogue Singularity is perfect for the Switch. Levels are short and sharp, making it ideal for instant pick-up-and-play, and if you're going to invest in this one, you're going to need every moment to refine your skills that you can find.

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Playing Rogue Singularity will require some patience as you adapt to its gameplay but once it clicks, it's one rewarding roguelike.

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If you’re looking for a great obstacles course platformer, then look no further than Rogue Singularity. It will test your platforming skills and navigation abilities to the limit as you push boundaries, squeeze past hazards and dodge other environmental obstacles. Whether you’re playing for a few minutes, or a few hours there’s tons of fun to be had.

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