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Eight-Minute Empire

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 6, 2017
Nintendo SwitchAug 28, 2019

Developers: Mobot Studios, Acram Digital

Eight-Minute Empire, by Ryan Laukat, is a quick Civilization/Exploration game using card-driven area control. In Eight-Minute Empire, 2-5 players take turns selecting a card from the six displayed. This card gives the player a resource, and also has an action which the player takes immediately. Actions help players take over the map, but the resources are worth points at the end of the game, so players have to balance the two aspects. Players spread across the map in order to collect points at the end of the game by having majority control in regions and continents. Eight-Minute Empire is the super-quick area control game requiring tough decisions. It’s easy to learn and perfect for when you only have a few minutes. Recruit troops to strengthen your army Command your forces to acquire new provinces Challenge your friends all over the world Sail across the seas & build castles to expand your empire Eliminate enemy troops to weaken your adversaries Collect goods to increase your advantage FEATURES - official Eight-Minute Empire game - great artwork - ingame interactive tutorial - languages: English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Russian - optimized for PC, smartphones and tablets - play with AI, with friends or both - pass and play mode - online multiplayer with synchronous and asynchronous modes - opponents' last moves replay - 3 levels of difficulty AIs with individual strategies - different maps - climate sounds and music - official rules plus extra additions - unique, original board game feel on your electronic device - colorblind mode - over 70 achievements

Eight-Minute Empire Critic Reviews

I., even with a handful of difficulty modes, didn't hold my attention for very long. If you're looking for a board game that's accessible to a fault, you could do worse than Eight-Minute Empire. Fans of the physical version should enjoy this one, but I'm spending those eight minutes elsewhere.

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GOOD - Eight-Minute Empire is a perfect bite sized strategy board game adaptation brought to a befit on-the go platform with the Nintendo Switch. Easy to learn game mechanics without sacrificing strategy, combined with games that can be played easily on a 15-minute break or less is good fun. I wish the game had a custom match offering, as I think players would be able to really get a lot of bang for the buck then, but what is offered isn’t too thin thankfully.

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Eight-Minute Empire - Launch Trailer

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Eight-Minute Empire - Official Trailer - coming September 5th 2017

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