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General Information

Available on:PCAug 27, 2019

Developer: EnsenaSoft

Are you ready for some THROTTLE MASHING, MISSILE BLASTING, KART SMASHING FUN? Renzo Racer is a fast-paced cartoon style racing game challenging your maneuverability and driving skills to cross the finish line first! Choose your driver from a selection of 16 comical personalities and race down 20 exciting tracks full of twists and turns, hazardous obstacles and unexpected surprises. Plow through destructible objects, jump off ramps and watch out for scattered rocks, fallen trees, black ice and oil slicks! Hit the road, put the pedal to the metal, and enjoy the intense action worthy of a true racing champion. Play individual tracks or tournaments against the AI cars or also against a friend in local 2 player mode. KEY FEATURES Fast And Furious Racing Action. 16 Comical Drivers With Unique Personalities. 20 Challenging Race Tracks. Race Karts Or Boats! Destructible Objects. Obstacles & Surprises! Now with full VR support using Xbox or compatible controller. Local 2 Player Mode To Enjoy With A Friend.

Renzo Racer Critic Reviews

Renzo Racer could have been worth a look if its handling had been greatly improved, it's collision system wasn't a mess and its characters didn't have you terrified for your life. If those three simple things had been fixed we'd be recommending you fork out the $20 it asks of you. Instead, we recommend you put that money towards fitting a nice strong lock on your bedroom door in case Renzo ever finds out where you live.

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Renzo Racer leaves a lot to be desired, with a multitude of issues covering everything from physics glitches through to the core racing gameplay.

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Renzo Racer - Gameplay Trailer

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Renzo Racer - VR Gameplay Trailer

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Renzo Racer - Early Access Trailer


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