One-Way Ticket

Light & Digital Technology, Zodiac Interactive, HES Interactive
Oct 24, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch
5 / 10
8 / 10
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One-Way Ticket - Official Trailer (ENG/CHN Subbed) thumbnail

One-Way Ticket - Official Trailer (ENG/CHN Subbed)

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Critic Reviews for One-Way Ticket

It is sad how such a good story has been dragged down by its terrible English translation and sluggish performance.Otherwise it had a strong cast of characters and solid narrative, with some really nice artwork.

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8 / 10

The carefully crafted atmosphere of the game using the plot, music, and sound effects is balanced against the sometimes rather poor English translation and simplistic menu UI, which could benefit with some refinement to make it easier to use. Despite knowing how it ends, the replay value is high because of the desire to experience such a tragic tale once more, and see what else can be revealed from the immoral crew that may help or hinder the protagonist. There is Japanese voice acting, which makes it a good way to practice some language skills if Japanese is known by the player, but it isn't constantly voiced. It is a measure of how engaging the story is that despite the translation issues it remains a compelling play.

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