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Axis Football 2019

Axis Games
Sep 27, 2019 - PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Sports Gamers Online
5.8 / 10
Operation Sports
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Axis Football 2019 Complete Franchise Overview

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Axis Football 2019 Trailer

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Axis Football 2019 Scouting & Drafting Preview

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Critic Reviews for Axis Football 2019

Axis Football as a franchise has so much potential to be a great indie series, but with so limited on-field changes between 18 and 19, it feels more like a lost year than anything else.

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Overall, Axis Football 2019 is a healthy alternative to EA's latest installment of Madden. And although it doesn't have enough glitz and glamour to compete with sports gaming's bigger brother, it does enough good to keep players interested. And while new football games appear every year trying to compete with what Madden is doing, Axis Football remains its own unique representation of the sport. You probably won't stop playing EA's latest installment in favor of its younger brother, but there's plenty to like about the expanded gameplay and updated franchise mode to keep users coming back again and again.

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