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60% - Golazo!
Dec 19, 2019

The idea behind Gozalo! is a great one; provide gamers a friendly pick up and play soccer/football game for those who feel like the FIFA or PES series might be too daunting. Unfortunately, the game is a missed shot. Despite being filled with content and its friendly approach, the A.I. is frustratingly rough around the edges; the opposition can often come off as insurmountable while your teammates are dumber than dirt. If you have the time and dedication, which ironically could be used for a soccer sim, you can end up enjoying Gozalo!, however this is the perfect party game to play with friends.

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77% - Eastshade
Nov 22, 2019

Eastshade is visually stunning, packed with lush, vibrant colours, a touching story and wonderful characters. The game is peacefulness personified, with loads of exploration required and plenty of quests on hand, some requiring a bit of thought, other’s more of the lending of a hand nature. One thing’s for sure, Eastshade is enchanting and relaxing, and will certainly help you find inner peace.

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Nov 13, 2019

Close to the Sun’s level design is broken into chapters with some clever placed collectables enhances the need to explore and the willingness to find out where the story is going. This very nature will ensure that you won’t put this stunning game down, until it’s finished. Just like a good series on Netflix, you will find yourself binge playing, it’s that good. A true work of art!

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Nov 11, 2019

Active Soccer 2019 is an addictive gem of a game, with a huge slice of classic gameplay that creates the magic that gets you off your seat. It’s such a refreshing sight and a wonderful change of pace compared to the big two. It’s just a shame there are no online multiplayer options, but then you can’t have it all. A truly inspiring, wonderful effort that every football fan needs to support, for the good of the game.

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Oct 12, 2019

A Knight's Quest is a lovely quirky experience, that is huge in size and packs a punch.

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84% - WRC 8
Sep 2, 2019

WRC 8 promises to be the most complete and authentic official WRC simulation yet.

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