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Newton and the Apple Tree

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Available on:PCAug 15, 2018

Genre: Interactive Story

Newton and the Apple Tree Critic Reviews

I would personally recommend Newton and the Apple Tree to visual novel fans who enjoy games with a focus on story, but don’t mind the odd lewd joke or more depending on their version. I personally felt like it overdid it at times, but not to an extreme. The cast of characters is quite interesting, as is the story. It has wonderful art too.

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There are so many more wonderful things I would love to talk about in Newton and the Apple Tree, but without getting into spoiler territory I really can’t. This is one of the best visual novels I’ve read in a long time. Its fantastic story is both humorous and emotional, and will have you questioning what you would’ve done in Syuji’s shoes well after you finish it. I mean how much would you give up for the one you love? Other than the need for more musical numbers my only other minor complaint is I wish the font size was a bit bigger. I think the team is working on a fix for this but it’s not out at the time of this review. The game will set you back $39.99 and is worth every penny of it. The game is heavily edited on Steam, but you can go to and download a free patch to uncensor the game. There is of course the 18+ patch which restores all of the cut content or you can go for the 17+ patch which leaves out the CG for the H scenes but restores all the dialogue. I would recommend this game for all fans of visual novels or eroge. It’s truly one of the best to come along in a long time. If you’ve never played a game like this, now is the perfect time to start. Playing this will start you off on the right foot in the genre.

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