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General Information

Available on:PCJan 21, 2020

Developer: Moon Lens

Publisher: Huiyin Studio

Genres: Action, Adventure

Ether Loop is a hardcore fast-paced bullet hell with roguelike elements. Descend unforgiving depths, encounter challenges, discover dynamic environments and fight ruthless creatures while unveiling the secrets of a mysterious world. Stuck in an endless loop, the only way out is to break the double-edged curse and help Ether escape his fate. In an ever-changing environment, every run feels like it's own story. Collect a multitude of different items, weapons and abilities to create limitless synergies and builds to power your way through. Ether Loop features: A large variety of unique monsters, each with their own behaviours and patterns Random encounters: challenges, trap rooms and mysterious scenarios A multitude of weapons, abilities and items which allows for limitless synergy combos Take your own approach to intense fights in procedurally generated levels Compete with other players and your friends through leaderboards

Ether Loop Critic Reviews

Ether Loop is definitely a hardcore, and challenging game though it can be quite fun with some aesthetic elements. It isn’t necessarily my type of game, but I did enjoy playing it.

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It’s frustrating because I really like Ether Loop. I hate starting with that weak laser gun every time, and I find the RNG and vagueness about how everything works (what do items that “increase luck” actually do?) incredibly aggravating, but I still played for 7 hours, which is how long it took me to beat the game. Procedural generation can be a blessing in certain circumstances, but never when it’s depriving you of the tools you need to stand a fighting chance.

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