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Minimax Tinyverse

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 27, 2018

Developer: Nimble Neuron

Publisher: Nimble Neuron

Genres: Action, Strategy

Lead your favorite Champion to victory! In this fast-paced Real-Time Strategy, become a GOD, cast miracles and command epic battles in a MINIature world. Fight 1 on 1 with players around the world! Who will crush the other first? The fate of your MINIs is in your GOD hands. ∎A WHOLE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS∎ The Tinyverse is a tiny universe hidden in the depths of an old antique shop called “MINImax”. In the Tinyverse, two realms constantly fight for its hegemony -- waiting for deity-like beings, like you or me, to arrive to battle and upset the balance of their endless war. ∎CHOOSE YOUR CHAMPIONS∎ Help your little commanders lead their army by throwing them across the battlefield, using their special skills. Choose between 10 one-of-a-kind Champions the ones that match your playstyle, customize their looks, and become a legend of the Tinyverse. ∎GOD OF THE TINYVERSE∎ Pick your champions and troopers up, deploy them on the map to expand dominance on the battlefield, cast mighty miracles to turn the tide of the battle and prove that you are the mightiest of gods! ∎QUICK BATTLES∎ Battles in MINImax Tinyverse are fast, dynamic, and take up to 4 minutes to determine the winner. Destroy your opponent's defences with the growing strength of your champion, your tiny army, and powerful miracles. ∎BUILD YOUR TEAM, MAKE THEM STRONGER∎ In MINImax Tinyverse, you can make your team stronger by leveling up your Champions, Troopers, Towers, and Miracles! Create a team of your own with the best combinations ever! ∎YOUR STYLE, YOUR WAY∎ Full skins, wings, hats, glasses and more! Choose from a vast collection of skins and accessories for your champion and express yourself through various hand costumes and your very own player portrait! ∎REWARDS, EVERY DAY∎ Receive new cards and items every day simply by winning, completing missions and opening various boxes. Daily rewards, battle missions, and bonuses for returning players! The more you play, the more you get! ∎REGULAR UPDATES AND COMMUNITY EVENTS∎ MINImax Tinyverse is an ever-evolving game that is developed in touch with community feedback. You’ll never be bored with the constant content additions, community events, and tournaments! ∎PLAY IT YOUR WAY!∎ Use all existing characters and miracles in Practice Mode or Custom Match to master the game at your own pace. Find your playstyle and bring it to the Ranked Mode to become the Legend of MINImax Tinyverse! KEY FEATURES: Build the best strategies with your favorite Champions. Collect all the whimsical and diverse troopers from two opposing Realms. Cast Miracles to support your army in battle. Face players from all over the world in fast-paced 1v1 RTS battles. Challenge your friends by inviting them to a Custom match. Test and design your team deck for optimal strategies in Practice Mode. Compete with the strongest players in Ranked Mode Express yourself through customizations for your champions, hand, and profile.

Minimax Tinyverse Critic Reviews

Minimax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy (RTS) developed and published by Nimble Neuron and O’olBlue Inc., free to play and playable in cross platform on Steam and iOS and Android devices. It is an interesting hybrid between a strategic and a MOBA, in which we will face opponents in 1-on-1 challenges. What distinguishes it is the speed of the games and the particular and playful style with which it is characterized.

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MINImax Tinyverse Global release - official Trailer

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[Official] MINImax Tinyverse Trailer


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