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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 6, 2020

Publisher: PANDABALL

Genre: Sports

On an island in the middle of nowhere, the world of Pamuria exists. A tropical island with an array of different environments, from dense jungles, sandy beaches, mountain tops and sunny cliff sites. Overall a hidden utopia, excluded and hidden from the rest of world, in the middle of an unknown ocean. On Pamuria animals live a life in perfect harmoni with the environment and ocean surrounding the island, and with the island providing everything from food and water, shelter, comfort – simply all basic needs. Every animal on Pamuria is herbivores, and the leading animal is the Panda spicies. With no immediate danger and a greate setting for procreation: life on Pamuria is perfect! But, when life is that peaceful and ”perfect”, a sense of boredom eventuly begins to build up…

PandaBall Reviews

Pandaball is a silly idea that plays ok but is just too lacking in content to really recommend. There is fun to be had here but I don't understand the decisions not to include multiplayer tournaments or online play. The end result is a game that will prove mildly diverting for younger players but has little to no long term substance. Unfortunately for these pandas, the game itself is more boo than bam.

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It may look goofy but PandaBall provides intuitive and exciting arcade soccer action that's even more enjoyable with a local chum.

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