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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 42020-03-03

Developer: Fluxart Studios

Publisher: Gammera Nest

Genres: Action, Third-Person Shooter

Holfraine is a third-person hero shooter with different characters to choose from. Play with your teammates and defeat the opposing team through matches full of dynamic elements. Join your teammates to gain control of Holfraine, the most valuable and coveted energetic resource in the entire universe.

Holfraine Reviews

Holfraine is a bare bones Hero shooter that’s launching with as little content as possible. With one game mode, one map to play on and six heroes, it just about justifies its £3.99 asking price. It’s obvious what the aim of Fluxart Studios was to emulate the best in the Hero shooter genre on a budget and you can see why it was recognised as the “Best Online Multiplayer Game” in the PlayStation Talents Awards 2017 competition. It has potential. At launch though, it’s not fulfilling it.

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Holfraine is a game created by Fluxart Studio, an Indie developer involved in PlayStation Talents Program from Spain and whose game won the Best Online Game category in this challenge. Is a competitive online multiplayer game as a Hero Shooter style with some MOBA shooter mechanics but in a Third Person view. It presents an innovative play mode called All-in-one.

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Holfraine - Launch Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

Holfraine - Launch Trailer | PS4

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