Breeder Homegrown Directors Cut

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMar 6, 2020
PlayStation 4Mar 6, 2020
PlayStation VitaMar 6, 2020

Developer: Sometimes You

Genres: Adventure, Horror

An old man escapes from the clinic where he spent his whole life and returns home. He remembers his childhood. His toys. His monsters. Breeder Homegrown is a short horror game about a family dealing with a strange creature over several generations. You will encounter some puzzles but the game relies mostly on atmosphere, music and dialogues.

Breeder Homegrown Directors Cut Reviews

Breeder Homegrown Directors Cut is a weird and strange game, and let’s not forget short as well. Though in saying that, it doesn’t make it a bad game, I did enjoy the story even if I was a bit mystified after it had finished as to what I had seen during the game play. If the point of the developers when making Breeder Homegrown was to leave the player with a unsettled feeling and a sense of bewilderment after having completed the game, I have to say they have succeeded in that for sure.

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