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General Information

Available on:PCApr 22, 2016

Developer: Aldorlea Games

Genres: Adventure, RPG

Moonchild is a unique and stand-alone adventure featuring 9 characters, plenty of sidequests and countless items and spells. Play as Queen Calypso and her friends going after Calypso's abducted child and trying to figure out what happened... and why. Can you solve the mystery and rescue Moonchild? Play the game and find out! FEATURES Pure 16-bit RPG goodness 20+ hours of playtime 9 characters to play 23 achievements to unlock Visible encounters Mouse control 3 modes of difficulty Party Switcher Summon many creatures to help you Colorful characters, engaging plot A unique adventure

Moonchild Critic Reviews


4 / 10

There's no point in playing this because there's nothing here to enjoy.

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Overall, Moonchild is an intriguing story driven by satisfactory depth and palpable emotions expressed through several memorable characters. The narrative is the high point, a feature most fans of RPGs will appreciate and the entire story will easily hold your attention and interest throughout. Familiar gameplay and commonplace aesthetics neither hurt nor help the experience, but again, I know Aldorlea is capable of more. A first playthrough will take you around 15 hours and fortunately most of those hours are an enjoyable time. Despite its flaws, Moonchild is a pleasure to play and regardless of whether you’re a casual player or true RPG enthusiast, Moonchild has plenty of charm for all.

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