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Blast Rush Classic

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 4, 2020

Developer: Bipedal Dog

Genre: Action

Ever played a shooter game and wanted more bombs to escape tight spots? Blast Rush gives you as many as you want... and more! The core of the enemy mothership is destroyed and reinforcements are approaching fast, but your guns are overheated and weak. You can't shoot your way out, but you can BLAST your way out! Feel empowered with unlimited screen-clearing explosives, then take on increasingly complex waves of enemy drones and RUSH to victory! FEATURES Keyboard and gamepad support Fly through 40 intense levels or survive a randomized onslaught Three distinct fighter ships and bomb types One-button control keeps you blasting Screamin' 16-bit-style graphics and sound

Blast Rush Classic Reviews

Turning the shmup genre on its head, Blast Rush Classic kicks things up a notch with its focus on firepower and incredible sense of speed.

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