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I, Dracula: Genesis

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 22, 2020

Developer: Moregames

Genres: Action, Roguelike

If you enjoy your typical Roguelite/Roguelike experience, this is what you’re going to find here - times a dozen. Procedural generation, lots and lots of upgradeable weapons, spells, perks, alien artefacts, strange technological and magical devices, enemies, NPCs, traps, custom events and hidden shops. So many of those, you'll feel overpowered. On the surface it is a beautiful isometric twin-stick shooter, but inside there's a huge emphasis on depth, variety, replayability and discovering all those amazing synergies that make your eyes pop! The year is 420 a.c. (After Cataclysm). Whatever you knew as the Earth no longer exists. Physics laws as you knew no longer apply. Monsters, demons, aliens, crazy robots are everywhere. Only Hunters can survive this harsh environment. You are one of them. Right now there's a handful, but we're growing new ones in our secret chambers as we speak. If you don't like guns you have, why not just break them for parts? Or wait until you find the exact mod that takes it to the next level? Tough choice. And they have random affixes too. But wait, there's more. A hard game to get into, and even harder to master. Just like it should be for your hardcore gaming itch, right? You will die a lot. And more. Don't even think you can get away until you discover all there is to it. If challenge is not for you - beware! Over 160 enemies and 20 bosses, and growing. Discover and master over 1200 items: relics, weapons, skills, perks, relics, alien artefacts, consumables, actives and passives. Learn how they work and combine, break the game as you like. Build powerful synergies and obliterate everything - enjoy all the marbles! But if you still think something's missing - tell us. Work goes on, we are very greedy, craving to have absolutely everything! Meet some of the weirdest folks in this Universe, and negotiate to your advantage. Gamble, trade, buy, everything.

I, Dracula: Genesis Critic Reviews

I Dracula: Genesis is a game that knows what it is. Even with all the clutter is a good game. It's not a groundbreaking game, and it can get in the way of itself at times, but overall it's a fun time.

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I, Dracula: Genesis - Gameplay Video #1 (new roguelike twin-stick shooter) thumbnail

I, Dracula: Genesis - Gameplay Video #1 (new roguelike twin-stick shooter)

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I, Dracula: Genesis - Announcement Trailer

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