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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 21, 2020

Developer: SMU Guildhall

Genre: Action

Tex-Mechs is a first-person, single-player, action-adventure mech shooter where you fight to reclaim the insect-infested wastelands of the alien colony, New Texas. Riding your ranching mech repurposed for combat, you battle alien hoards of insects that are determined to destroy you and your fellow settlers. KEY FEATURES: Bash, stomp, ignite, and squish hoards of massive bugs with your mech using 3 distinct weapons: repeater pistols, flame throwers, and combine launchers Battle soldiers, grunts, and mutated bugs as they try to destroy you and your fellow colonists Cell-shaded art style set on an alien colony Original music NOTES: Tex-Mechs is published by SMU Guildhall and developed a small student team at SMU Guildhall over a development cycle of 16 weeks. Additional development to extend the game is not currently planned beyond its academic completion. Learn more at http://texmechsgame.com

Tex-Mechs Reviews

Tex-Mechs' combination of mechs and bugs will appeal to gamers the world over, but the cumbersome combat and lack of impact prevent it from being a smash hit.

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