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Westmark Manor

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 18, 2020

Developer: Nodbrim Interactive

Publisher: Toadman Interactive

Genres: Adventure, Horror

THE GAME What lurks in the darkest corners of the mansion? Face your fears to uncover the terrifying secrets held within. It will not give them up willingly though, it will test your worth with mysteries to solve, and push your sanity to the edge of madness, or maybe, beyond... Taunting you, testing you... You will need all your wits and bravery to face the darkness and the terrors it holds, whilst trying to stay alive. Only the esoteric few will succeed. Do you have what it takes? Westmark Manor is a journey into the occult, a mind-bending survival horror game, with a heavy focus on solving puzzles and exploration, inspired by the formidable H.P. Lovecraft. STORY Theodore Westmark is a curator at the department of ancient history. A man who has seen many odd things in his life but has delved into research into the occult as of late. He has devoted years of his life in the search for an ancient alchemical formula that is said to control space and time. He found what he was looking for in Vörnum, an island off the coast of Norway. He brought all the material back to his home in order to study it without distractions. Theodore believes this would free his wife Elizabeth from her nightmarish illness but something darker and more sinister is hidden within those passages, or even himself. GAMEPLAY You will make your way through the volumes of corridors and rooms inside the mansion, and the darkness of the grounds outside, uncovering secrets and solving clues to reveal answers that will let you continue your journey. Some of the puzzles may require multiple answers or items to unlock the next stage, and various objects will aid you, either guiding you, or will assist you in survival. Don't ignore anything, everything could be (and probably is) important! Manage your inventory wisely, and guard your map with your life!

Westmark Manor Critic Reviews

Westmark Manor is a nice nod to Alone in the Dark. It consists of an interesting story and good puzzles wrapped in a package of annoying resource collection system and buggy implementation that needs to be fixed after a dozen of patches.

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Becca S.
7 / 10.0

Very quickly, Westmark Manor managed to impress in almost every way. Despite a couple of technical hiccups – I’ve had the game freeze on me twice, causing me to lose progress – the game’s threatening yet alluring atmosphere and intriguing narrative has kept me coming back. If you enjoy horror games, particularly the likes of Resident Evil or Silent Hill, then Westmark Manor is well worth adding to your collection. Just be prepared to jump out of your skin from time to time.

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