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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Jun 19, 2020
Nintendo SwitchNov 28, 2019

Developer: Sabec Limited

Publisher: Sabec Limited

Genres: Simulation, Sports

Grab your best bowling shoes and get ready to play this fun and easy to play bowling game anytime, anywhere. The aim of the game is to score points by knocking down the pins, just line up your shot by choosing the position, power and direction of your ball. Play against a friend or play against the computer’s smart artificial intelligence (AI) player, either way, winning won’t come easy. Just remember its precision and power that gets the best score and wins the game.

Bowling Reviews

A featureless, shallow, bland and thoroughly turgid experience, Sabec’s “Bowling” is poor even compared to the bowling mini-games you find inside other games, like GTA IV. It doesn’t follow the rules of bowling, isn’t fun to play and lacks even a hint of personality.

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Bowling Gameplay (Nintendo Switch)