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Roller Riot

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 29, 2020

Developer: MassDiGI

Genre: Action

Get your revenge on the enemy cyborg roller derby gang! ⚡⚡ Roll and fight through a beautiful neon cityscape as CB, a genetically modified cyborg, bent on getting revenge for her past... FEATURES 🤛 Punch and fight your way through hoards of enemy robots to take your revenge! 🤛 Collect the most technologically advanced body modifications in the city and take out more enemies! 🤛 Use FRENZY MODE to go on a nasty rampage and knock out even more robot foes! 🤛 Square up against unique and challenging enemies, just don't let them smack you first! 🤛 Punch your way through levels with simple, intuitive controls! 🤛 Who's the best Roller Fighter? Compete with your friends for the high score in this fast-pace, beat-em-up! Are you ready for the roller derby fight of a lifetime? CB is ready to go, are you? Play for free now!

Roller Riot Reviews

Roller Riot's two button setup provides just enough depth to keep the high score chasers among us enthralled. It's not the deepest title around, but it doesn't have to be.

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Roller Riot Steam Trailer - 2020

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