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Seek Not a Lighthouse

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 29, 2017

Developer: MidnightCoffee, Inc.

Publisher: MidnightCoffee, Inc.

Genre: Adventure

Do you have what it takes to save the island when all hope is lost? A TRAVELER, SEEKING TO AVENGE THE DEATH OF A BROKEN MAN HE NEVER KNEW... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- After they stopped receiving communications from the creature below, all hope was lost, with the final message warning the islanders to be aware of what, or who, was to come... Little did they know that the Silent Traveler -- you -- would be their last hope in solving the mystery of what happened to the creature, who was behind it all, and the connections between the events. Play as both the titular "Silent Traveler" and an islander from two distinctly different time periods Point and click through a retro adventure like no other Solve puzzles and interact with a cast of bizarre characters

Seek Not a Lighthouse Reviews

Honestly, I can’t recommend Seek Not a Lighthouse, which saddens me. Part of me thinks my hopes were too high for the title, but even reading the description again and realizing there was no connection between it and the game itself, I remind myself that, no, sometimes a game is just… not great. Not every dusty corner of Steam is going to yield a gem, and that’s okay — it happens. It’s pretty criminal Seek Not a Lighthouse has such a cool name and feel but doesn’t live up to what the eyes receive; here’s to hoping the next title the developer releases gets better.

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