Paws and Soul

Arkuda Inc., ELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENT, Games Operators, PlayWay S.A.
Jul 16, 2020 - PC
80 / 100
PC Invasion
3 / 10
85 / 100
Gamer's Palace
53 / 100
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Paws and Soul Media

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Paws and Soul - trailer (4К, 2019)

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Critic Reviews for Paws and Soul

Paws and Soul is a peaceful journey through the woods, filled with orb collecting and ghostly visions. You'll learn about David and his family along the way, and further exploration lets you learn about Michelle as well. The dialogue feels unrealistic and the gameplay can be repetitive, but the story keeps you going.

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From its opening moments to its final seconds, Paws and Soul fails to establish any semblance of harmony between its gameplay and story.

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Paws and Soul may not be some triple-A action spectacle, but it is a beautiful and colourful display of what it may be like to explore and reflect on memories of a life long lived. It does so with aplomb as well, as it showcases wonderful and easy puzzle segments that never hurt the brain. The music helps to immerse you while the gameplay lets you embody the game's literal spirit. Paws and Soul successfully accomplishes what it is set out to be, a beautiful tale with ethereal ideologies to make it an experience worth enjoying.

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Paws and Soul starts off with a big promise but doesn't really delivery it: There aren't that many secrets to unfold in the world and the story is, while being told solidly, really predictable and not exciting. The worlds are wonderful, yet the meditative experience is being thrown back by a nice, yet repetitive soundtrack. Some flaws in controls and gameplay also make the experience less enjoyable.

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