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Monochrome World

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMay 7, 2020
PCMay 7, 2020

Developer: RAREST

Publisher: CFK Co., Ltd.

Genres: Puzzle, Adventure

Then one day, I fell to the place I've never been before. The power unknown led me to the color I thought was lost. I had no idea what it meant... ◆The adventure of a raindrop 『Monochrome World』 features the journey of a raindrop to recolor the gray world. Bring back the colors to the world in a total of 60 stages! ◆Thrilling action puzzle experience with extreme difficulty Recolor the stages full of gimmicks and puzzles! Some parts will test your speed and control! ◆Make your own cute little raindrop Clear the stage and unlock colors, shapes, accessories, and skills. Customize your own little raindrop!

Monochrome World Reviews

It's not the best puzzle title on the Switch and it has some flaws, but Monochrome World is a solid puzzler that's enjoyable in short bursts. Don't expect too much of it and you might have a bit of fun, but probably best to wait for a sale before purchasing.

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If you have a fondness for tricky games like Marble Madness then Monochrome World is sure to delight and provide a solid challenge.

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Nintendo Switch / STEAM 「Monochrome World」 Launch Trailer

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