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General Information

Available on:PCJul 20, 2020

Developer: Little Reaper Games

Publisher: Little Reaper Games

Genre: Platformer

Slash, dash and reap your way through the mystical realm of Little Reaper as Ollie, the Grim Reaper’s tiny assistant in this colorful adventure platformer game. Ollie has been left in charge of Death’s Mansion while Grim has gone on a well-deserved holiday. Unfortunately, clumsy Ollie accidentally shatters a jar containing a vast, and important, collection of souls. Now Ollie has to traverse the lands of Death’s Domain and collect all the souls he let loose, or else he will suffer the wrath of Death. Or maybe worse… get fired! Features Beautiful and mysterious landscapes Hidden collectables for the ambitious adventurer Bring the world to life with the power of your scythe Throw your scythe and teleport to it at a moment's notice. Original music score 4 levels full of adventure 4 epic boss fights

Little Reaper Reviews

This is one of those times it sucks to have to give a bad review to a game. I wanted to love this game. Little Reaper has a lot of cool ideas but none of them come together.

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