Krystopia: Nova's Journey

Antler Interactive, Antler Interactive

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Krystopia: Nova's Journey

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 21, 2020

Developer: Antler Interactive

Publisher: Antler Interactive

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Krystopia: Nova's Journey is a captivating new puzzle adventure where you'll explore and solve your way through a mysterious land full of intriguing secrets. Divided over three expansive and beautifully crafted chapters, you, in the role of space explorer Nova Dune, will be taken on an epic journey where she will meet and learn about the inhabitants of Krystopia, it's mysteries and the conflict surrounding the mesmerizing planet. Ultimately you will face moral choices and choose sides. Journey into the unknown, progress through the game and solve a series of challenging puzzles in an effort to uncover the mysteries surrounding Krystopia. What will be your destiny? The game is an independent sequel to Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey. KEY FEATURES Atmospheric character based and story driven 3rd person point and click puzzle adventure Encounter and work together with intriguing characters (some being complete buffoons...) Innovative, fun and challenging puzzles Switch between playing with Nova and her adorable alien pet Skrii to overcome obstacles and challenges in the game A mystery conveyed in a beautiful interactive setting Collect unique and mysterious bonus artefacts Immersive soundtrack & audio experience Explore and progress through the Krystopian caves and native cities in a captivating puzzle adventure across 26 room levels 15 achievements to collect

Krystopia: Nova's Journey Reviews

The mechanics of the past, and how to make room in the future. Krystopia: Nova's Journey is something nostalgic, but not beautiful or pleasant. It is a graphic adventure of the past, but without the ingenuity that vertebrates so many rescuers who try to bring the spirit of the pioneers of yesteryear. It's something fun, without the charisma it should have, but with touches of humor and a point & click system and puzzles that work well. Although more capable for smartphones than for PCs, it can be played well in both versions.

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Krystopia: Nova´s Journey - Official Launch Trailer (coming soon)

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