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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSJul 25, 2013

Developer: G-Style

Publisher: Joindots

Genres: Action, Arcade

Set in the future, a deadly virus infiltrates the world's super computer and puts on standby the world's nuclear weapons ready for launch. With the world on the brink of destruction, take control of an anti-virus ship and go head to head with the virus, taking on wave after wave of enemy ships in a fierce battle to save the world. Use special shots known as Chain Blasts to counter the virus ships as they swarm together in attack formations. Trigger a Chain Blast at just the right point to set in motion a combo explosion that will take out the entire chain of enemies. The more enemies you take out in one blast the higher your score. Upload your Top Score online and see how you stack up against players from around the world.

Chain Blaster Critic Reviews

Chain Blaster was a good attempt by G-Style at a portable SHMUP experience. If anything, I hope this isn’t their last foray into the genre, because a larger, more comprehensive and varied experience would be outstanding. If they decided to publish a game for more money with a larger experience, I would be all over it. Ultimately, the game doesn’t quite merit the $6.99 asking price. If they ever decide to discount this game, however, I would highly recommend that any SHMUP fan with an itchy trigger finger pick Chain Blaster up.

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