Indie Darling Children of Morta Announces 2020 Content Roadmap

Indie Darling Children of Morta Announces 2020 Content Roadmap

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In 2020, the Bergsons welcome a new family member. Dead Mage's roguelite dungeoncrawler Children of Morta is getting a wide range of new content, the studio revealed today with their 2020 roadmap. The critical hit will add a harder difficulty, New Game+, online co-op, and more for free, while a paid expansion is planned as well.

Though no release dates have been confirmed for any of these new drops, the roadmap does seem to imply it's arranged in order of arrival. That means first in the new year will come the Shrine of Challenge, which brings the game's hardest difficulty yet as well as over 20 new items to the game spanning the various equippables and consumables like Charms, Divine Graces, and Divine Relics.

Following that comes the Setting Sun Inn, the game's New Game+ mode that will allow players to carry their characters and all upgrades over into a new game upon completion. After that comes something Dead Mage is calling Random Encounter, which is only described as "means what it says and says what it means - you’ll never know what you might find here!"

A new playable Bergson then arrives at the family's manor, though Dead Mage has not yet revealed this character's identity. The Fellowship Sanctuary follows this new character and finally adds online co-op to the game, presumably on all platforms. Temple of the Endless follows as a new horde mode for the game featuring a new boss and multiple mini-bosses. This will be playable in online co-op as well. Following the new game mode comes another item pack with 30 more consumables and equippables for players to try to perfect their character builds.

All of the above content will release as free title updates throughout the year, and sets up for Children of Morta's first paid expansion, The Uncharted Lands which will introduce another hero, a new boss, a new questline, and a home event. Pricing was not yet revealed.

In addition to all of this upcoming content, the studio shared the news that the official soundtrack for Children of Morta is now streaming on major platforms.

Children of Morta launched on PC in September before moving to Xbox One and PS4 a month later and Switch a month after that. It's received nearly unanimous praise with 90% of OpenCritics favoring it in their reviews, giving the game a "Strong" 83 average.

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